Pet Dog Whistle Two-tone Ultrasonic

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Pet Dog Whistle Two-tone Ultrasonic.

Frequency 1) Ultrasound . The man can not hear it, but a dog hears it.

Frequency 2) This sound can be heard by the man, which helps the owner at the beginning of the training to produce a long or short whistle.

Adjustable frequency, just tighten or loosen the screw to work on your dog's frequency, It should be noted that this whistling is audible to the human ear, basically to evaluate its effectiveness.

Some tips for using the Ultrasonic dog Whistle :

Setting the frequency and the whistle.

Dogs can hear all frequencies, but wait until it is asleep and blow gently on the whistle by adjusting the frequency with the adjustment of the nut and the screw. Continue testing until your dog stands up. You will know that you have reached a frequency at which your dog is sensitive.

Use the dog ultrasound whistle with varying sequences to train your dog. For example, a long hiss may mean "coming", while a short, jerky series of whistles could mean "sitting."

Make your dog understand that you are calling his attention with this ultrasonic dog whistle. Start at meal times with an ultrasound whistle before he gets food. It will only take a few times to do this and your dog will react quickly.

Always send the same order sequences for the same order, be consistent and your dog will always know what you want from him.

Using this product can produce ultrasound that can be heard up to 3 km away

Humans can hear up to 20 kHz while your dog can hear sound waves up to 120 kHz.

This ultrasonic whistle can be used in addition to the human voice.


100% new.

Color: Silver

Weight: 12g

Material: Brass

Length: 5.5 cm (approx.)

Key ring included

Article size: 55 * 7mm

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