The AT918C 2-in-1 Training Collar is a training collar with an automatic anti-bark feature.
  • The AT918C 2-in-1 Training Collar is a training collar with an automatic anti-bark feature.
  • The AT918C dog training collar remote control from Aetertek and its receiver.
  • Aetertek AT918C is delivered in a carrying case.
  • The remote control and its strap
  • The receiver in charge
  • Aetertek AT918C collar receiver seen from electrodes
  • The receiver box is waterproof.
  • Seen from the Aetertek AT918C collar the receiver box and the TPU strap.
  • Remote control of the Aetertek AT918C training collar in charge.
  • Turning on the receiver. Marking magnetic points.
  • Switching off the receiver by electromagnetic induction.
  • Contents of the Aetertek AT918C training kit
  • Contents of Aetertek AT918C training kit + anti bark

2 in 1 collar training + anti-barking 600 yards Aetertek-AT918C

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The Aetertek AT918C Dog Training Kit is a 2-in-1 set with dressage + anti-barking function. 600 yards range - 550 m.

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2 in 1 training collar AT918C

The Aetertek AT918C 2-in-1 Training Collar combines the training and anti-barking functions. It can be used for many training purposes, such as barking, digging, jumping on people, running away, chewing or any other bad habit.

With a range of 550m the signal can cross obstacles such as wall fences, it combines the 3 correction modes: Beep + vibration + shock for the training part and the shock mode for the automatic anti-barking part .

A simple and ergonomic remote control with the 3 buttons 1 function keys for each of the controls, makes it possible to operate the collar with simplicity and speed.

cheap dog training and anti bark collar for medium-sized dogs and large size A wheel located at the top right, to adjust the intensity level.

There are 10 progressive levels of intensity for vibration and electric shock functions.

On the side of the remote is a channel select switch.

Since this education kit is designed to drive up to 2 dogs (optional extra collar), the channel selection switch allows you to select one of the 2 dogs or 2 dogs at the same time, as well as the correction will be applied individually or to both dogs.

Aetertek AT918C 2-in-1 Training Kit is equipped with an electromagnetic induction on / off function. This reinforces the sealing of the receiver by the absence of the classic button on / off.

The transmitter (remote control) and the receiver (collar) with a built-in long-life battery are rechargeable at the same time thanks to the supplied dual charger.

Suitable for healthy dogs over 9 months

Kit Contents:

  • 1 rechargeable transmitter
  • 1 antenna
  • 1 rechargeable receiver
  • 1 EU charger
  • 1 Test Kit
  • 1 Strap
  • 2 correction electrodes
  • 1 TPU collar
  • 1 transport bag
  • 1 Multi-Language User Manual


Transmitters (remote control):

Dimension L: 4.3" (6.3" with the antenna) h: 1" l: 2"

Weight: 2,19 oz with the battery

Receiver (collar):

Size L: 3" h: 1.5" (without the electrodes) l: 1.5"

Weight: 2.65 oz

TPU Strap:

High strength, high tenacity, easy to clean, can be cut to any size depending on the neck size of your dogs.

Adjustable from 7-23 "/ 15cm-65cm, suitable for all dog sizes from 15-150lbs - 7 to 70 kg

Advantages of the Aetertek AT918C-1 Training Collar

  • It's very easy to use.
  • On / off by electromagnetic induction
  • For training up to 2 dogs simultaneously (additional collar optional)
  • It includes 3 modes: Sound signal, vibrations and electrostatic correction and 10 correction levels.
  • It is suitable for medium to large dogs over 9 months old.
  • The receiver and transmitter are rechargeable.
  • The price of this kit is very affordable for the distance of 600 yards and its functions training and anti-barking.
  • With effective correction features.
  • Robust and waterproof designed to be worn outdoors.
  • Rechargeable with long battery life.
  • Comes with 1 durable transport and storage bag made of fabric.
  • For all types of coat. (short hair or long hair)

Caution: for sealing, receiver only. The transmitter is simply splashproof and not waterproof.

Certification :  CE, FCC, RTTE, ROHS

Aetertek AT918C

Data sheet

Training + anti-barking
550 Yards
Train up to
1 dog
Beep + Vibration + Static Shock
Dog size
Medium dog and big dog
Battery Type
Rechargeable Receiver Collar and Transmitter
Training Level
Waterproof collar
Collar size
8 to 24 inches
Type of strap

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