Special training collar for 2 small dogs or cats Aetertek AT211D-2. Dog training collars for 2 dogs
  • Special training collar for 2 small dogs or cats Aetertek AT211D-2. Dog training collars for 2 dogs
  • AT211D-2 Special Small Dog or Cat Education Collar Training Collar for 2 Dogs.
  • Complete kit of education for small dog includes 1 remote control 2 receivers 2 straps 2 testers and an electric charger.
  • Rechargeable receiver intended for the education of small dogs or cats.
  • Cheap training collar for little dog.
  • Remote control for dog training collar.
  • Special dog or cat training collar Aetertek AT-211D.

Training collar Special little dog for 2 dogs Aetertek-AT211D-2

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Special training collars for 2 small dogs. Its small size fits perfectly on the neck of small dogs. The Aetertek AT-211D-2 dog training collar is fully rechargeable, transmitter and receiver, Comes with 2 receiver collars.

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Aetertek AT211D-2 small dog training collar with a reach of 400 yards.

Suitable for the Weight Range between 3-12 lbs

Thanks to its small size L 5 cm x W 2.8 cm x H 1.8 cm the Aetertek AT211D-2 training collar is designed for the education and training of small dogs or cats.

The Aetertek AT-211D-2 dog training collar is fully rechargeable, transmitter and receiver, you will not have to spend more in expensive batteries.

Adapted for your dog's remote training, the AT211D-2 Training Kit will help you understand what you want from your dog.

This is the ideal education collar for small dogs and cats, this concentrated technology will be a great help to educate your pet.

The collar has 3 settings modes.

1 - The sound signal.

This first mode is used to get your dog's attention.

For example to ask for a foot call, a position (sitting, lying down ...) or to congratulate him. This mode is important because it allows to begin the education of the dog.

2 - The vibration.

The second mode of correction is a painless device, since it is a vibration similar to that of the vibrator of your phone, but rather unpleasant for your dog or cat, to strengthen your order or correct a bad habit.

10 levels of settings are available to adapt the correction to your small dog's sensitivity.

3 - The electrostatic pulse.

The third mode of static shock correction.

This is the ultimate way to obtain obedience. You should start with the lowest level (The training collar has 10 levels of adjustment to adapt to the sensitivity of your pet) and to gradually increase if necessary. This function must be used for a training respectful of your dog and in no case to make it suffer. It is imperative to train in a climate of trust and respect towards your dog or cat.

You can use this necklace for basic education, to prevent your pet from digging, barking, jumping on people ... etc.

Our Aetertek AT211D-2 Remote Dog Education Kits are water resistant, but not submersible. Be sure to remove the collar if your dog needs to bathe, otherwise the collar may be damaged.

Range of the remote control, up to 400 yards maximum without obstacles. The signal can pass through obstacles such as walls and fences but the range and then reduced.

Benefits of the AT211D-2 Training Collar

  • It's very easy to use.
  • Used for training up to 2 dogs simultaneously.
  • It includes 3 modes: Sound signal, vibrations and electrostatic correction and 10 correction levels.
  • It is suitable for small dogs or healthy cats over 6 months.
  • The remote and the receiver are rechargeable.
  • The price of this kit is very affordable.
  • Lightweight but with effective correction features. (This purchase is for a small dog, or 1 cat).
  • Robust and waterproof designed to be worn outdoors.
  • Rechargeable with long battery life.
  • For all types of coat.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Transmitter
  • 2 Receivers
  • 1 EU mains charger
  • 2 testers
  • 2 electrode sets
  • 2 TPU collar adjustable from 15 to 32 cm around the neck. Width of the necklace 19mm
  • A multilingual user manual.


Transmitters (remote control):

Size L: 8.5 cm h: 1.5 cm l: 3.8 cm / Size: L: 3.25" W : 1.5" H: 0.6"

Weight: 32g/1.13oz 

Receiver (collar):

Size L: 5.5 cm h: 1.9 cm (without the electrodes) l: 2.9 cm / Size: L: 2.17" W : .75" H: 1.14"

Weight: 31 gr/1.09oz

CE, FCC, RTTE, ROHS certification

Chihuahua, Poodle, American Hairless Terrier, Pomeranian, Butterfly Dog, Russian Toy Terrier, Yorkshire,Poodle, Pomeranian, Dog Butterfly, Russian Toy Terrier ....


Data sheet

Remote Dog Training Collar
330 Yards
Train up to
2 dogs
Beep + Vibration + Static Shock
Dog size
Small dog
Battery Type
Rechargeable Receiver Collar and Transmitter
Training Level
Rain resistant collar
Collar size
5.9 to 12.6 inches
Type of strap


Mode emploi AT-211D-FR

Download (1.5M)

User manual AT-211D-VO

Download (6.55M)

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